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Ideas for National Brownie Day From Your Rochester Apartment

This month, the 501 on 1st Blog is bringing residents ways to celebrate National Brownie Day on December 7th. Try one of these brownie recipes at your apartment, or check out local Rochester, MN bakeries like Daube’s Cakes and Bakery and Gingerbread House Bakery. Read on to learn more about these in today’s blog post.

Make Brownies at Home

Super Fudgy Brownies from The First Year

Super fudgy brownies pair perfectly with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. These super fudgy brownies can be made with all-purpose flour, salt, unsweetened cocoa powder, unsweetened baking chocolate, butter, sugar, vanilla, and semi-sweet chocolate chips.

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Fall Pumpkin Traditions









Halloween is here! You’ve got all month to plan your evening, but sometimes it can really sneak up on you. The 501 on First Blog is helping you celebrate. Try some of these ideas for the big day!


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A Summer Picnic

Outdoor picnic on at sunny day

Before summer is over, we encourage our residents here at 501 on First to take time out of their day for a picnic. There’s nothing quite like dining alfresco to bring on a healthy appetite. Today, we’ve got ideas and recipes for the perfect picnic.

If you’re going with the picnic staple, the sandwich, the Cooking Contest Central website offers some Sandwich Making Tips, from what sort of bread to use to what types of fillings are best, and Woman’s Day helps out with 16 of the Best Sandwiches to Make for Summer Picnics. Sandwiches by themselves do not a picnic make, so we’ve added several salad recipes to take along on your picnic.

BLT Pasta Salad from Life in the Lofthouse

This BLT Pasta Salad turns your favorite sandwich into your favorite side. This salad is less messy than your traditional BLT, and a lot easier to transport. We recommend adding chicken, beef, or avocado to this treat if you’d like a little more protein in your dish. read more…

Celebrating National Ice Cream Month

Summer is heating up here in Rochester, MN and we’ve got just the thing to quell the heat, homemade ice cream! We have recipes to share just in time for National Ice Cream Month. Try one of these sometime this month, or head to your favorite ice cream shop for a couple of delicious scoops.


No-Churn Roasted Berry Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

We love this recipe because it incorporates plenty of fresh fruit! We hope that you use fresh fruit from a local farmer’s market or farm to make this dish. This ice cream makes for a refreshing dish, and the Roasted Berry Sauce isn’t just for ice cream — it also tastes great on cakes, cheesecakes, and pancakes.

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Organizing at 501 on First

When we move into a new place, like 501 on First in Rochester, MN, we often have good intentions of getting everything out of the boxes and organized. But then life happens, and one week leads to another, and several months down the road we’re still tripping over the stack of boxes in the corner of the room. If that’s where you find yourself, or if the clutter has just built up over time, perhaps it’s time to get organized.

In today’s blog post, we will provide some timely tips for whipping things into shape. To begin with, don’t get overwhelmed. Start small. Organize the desk drawer, the coat closet, or the spare room. A good idea is to break the task down into tasks that can be accomplished in 15 to 20 minutes. Over time, those chunks will add up to success. read more…